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The Webalizer - Streaming version
What are your stream and listeners doing today?


The Webalizer is a fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser.

The Webalizer main web site is here: The Webalizer. It is maintained by Bradford L. Barrett

The Webalizer streaming version is maintained by Kris B.

This version is an adaptation of The Webalizer to handle stream for both sources and listeners. It has only been tested with Icecast log files (for more information see Xiph.org). I say listeners, but The Webalizer - Streaming Version can handle any stream of whatever you want. The only constraint is you must know the average bit rate of the stream. Without the average bit rate, it will not be able to produce any usefull statistics.

Up to now, I haven't found any free software to produce usefull statistics about streaming logs. So I decided to adapt The Webalizer for that. The source code is pretty nice and well documented, so the task was not so difficult. I also completly revisited the result page design. Now, instead of a endless page, we have a frame and a page for each result category. This is easier to consult.

You can see an example here of the results produced by this version of Webalizer.

Important: Webalizer configuration file need new options. You have to read carefully the Features paragraph below, it gives links to the new options to change your Webalizerconfiguration file. Without these simple options, you will not get the expected results!

Note that the behaviour and the results of The Webalizer - Streaming Version should be the same than with The Webalizer 2.01 if you didn't use streaming options.

Important notice: The history files produced by this version of webalizer is absolutly NOT compatible with the history file of The Webalizer 2.01. (Because I added streaming data in it).
So you can't replace your existing Webalizer with this one to continue produce statistics for this year. You should have a separate directory for statistics results.

Tell me more!

  • For The Webalizer features, see  The Webalizer.

  • Supports standard Common Logfile Format server logs. In addition, it detects source logs and listeners logs. (Tested only for icecast.). In streaming mode The Webalizer - Streaming Version will ignore any non streaming log.

  • Generated reports can be configured from the command line, or by use of one or more configuration files. Detailed information on configuration options can be found on The Webalizer web site. At the moment, streaming options are not available for the command line. You have to add a few lines to your configuration file. See that streaming configuration example

  • Supports multiple languages. The text added for streaming support is only available for english and french. So... this is a call for volunteers to translate a few sentences.
  • Distributed under the GNU General Public License, complete source code is available, as well as binary distributions for some of the more popular platforms. Please read the Copyright notices for additional information.

Click here to see a sample report

Click here to download The Webalizer

Give it to me!

Go to the download page and get yourself a copy. If you run into problems, check the installation instructions and Frequently Asked Questions to see if your problem/question has already been addressed.

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