The Webalizer - Streaming VersionWhat are your stream sources and listeners doing today?

Current Version: none
Current Pre-Release Version: 2.10-06b

The Webalizer - Streaming Version can be obtained only in source form. If you want the regular version of The Webalizer, see anonymous FTP.

The Complete source distribution

Important notice: In order to use this version of Webalizer with the newest version of icecast, you have to compile icecast with HAVE_LOGGING_IP flag set. Otherwise, you will not have IP related information (countries, Top, ...)

In order to compile, you will also need:

  • v2.10-06b : URL updates to match in generated file headers
  • v2.10-05b : Implemented incremental functionnality for the streaming option. Removed ERROR 404 from Listeners graphs.
  • v2.10-04b : First change log in this page

Last modified Octobre 12, 2005